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About us

      Rui Pu Optoelectronics, Shenzhen Shenzhen is located in the beautiful, there's Ben Wei lighting company, lighting, and other large Hao; Company to produce LED displays and LED lighting products, lighting, etc., is a LED display, LED lighting products R & D, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprise, our company's LED display include: Indoor discrete surface-mount, three in one indoor, outdoor color, outdoor full-color, bar screen series, the stage background screen , traffic instructions screen, LED display plant area of ??nearly 3000 square meters, more than 200 employees, today the company's products have been widely used in advertising media, transportation, education, sports, entertainment, exhibitions, shopping malls, squares, stations and other industries and places, the company products have been exported to Europe, America, Japan, Britain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, more than 50 countries and regions, and established a perfect sales and service network.

       Outdoor lighting products: LED guardrail tube, LED Wall Washer, LED Floodlight, LED aluminum light bar, LED lights, LED floodlight, LED wall washer, LED spot light, LED underground lights, LED underwater lights ;

       Indoor lighting products: LED ceiling light, LED flexible light strip, LED lamp, LED panel lights, LED lighting lamp cup, LED bulb, LED track lights, LED lights venture, LED desk lamps, etc.;

        The company has advanced production equipment, world-class automatic production lines, a series of quality testing and environmental testing test equipment (automatic placement machine, automatic reflow oven, automatic cutting machine, automatic sorting machines, automatic tape loaders, hot and cold shock machines, programmable constant temperature and humidity, fixed-type constant temperature and humidity, environmental testing, computer analysis of microscope, etc.), production of raw materials are used today known foreign companies products, the production of full range of products are in line with the EU RoHS directive, the existing the market has covered all over the country, overseas business development has a larger scale, the strict RoHS environmental IS09001 quality certification and assurance system and modern management model to create a sharp, high-quality universal, high credibility, high quality service and high brand awareness .
        Rui Pu will be "to create high-definition LED display, LED lights and LED lighting manufacturer specializing in the production" for the mission, to meet customers needs, to create optical industry in the world famous brand products, to promote the development of China's optoelectronics industry endless struggle . Rui Pu together the industry elite, with a large number of experienced, professional skills, outstanding professional and technical personnel and management personnel, has an excellent sales team; rely on sound detection equipment and facilities, making products from the development, production, installation and commissioning, to the formation of the final test and pass a complete set of factory quality control system;
         Rui Pu by the powerful, integrated and team work skills, and overseas supplier of LED materials, vendors, strategic partnership, to achieve a modern enterprise resource sharing, complementarity and efficient operation;

        We adhere to the "customers first, quality first, reputation first, the contract, the word" approach to business, and domestic and foreign people to work together for a better future.

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