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Talent Strategy

        Of qualified personnel is to promote independent innovation, technological progress and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises an important force. Rui Pu Optoelectronics is to build a high-quality, reasonable structure, a sufficient number of skilled, creative, complex, high-level echelon personnel. Companies adhere to people-oriented, growth and progress for the staff to create mutual trust, mutual respect, culture, career planning for staff to provide more opportunities and space for staff of the technological innovation and management innovation to create the necessary conditions, and To have outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to the employees to be recognized and rewarded, and strive to staff the value of the value of synchronization with the company, employees and the company to grow and promote each other.

        Respect and protect the interests of employees, and actively and steadily push forward the pay, benefits and insurance system reform and improve, and fully reflect the characteristics of jobs, reflecting the post value and outstanding job performance and encourage high-level management, technical and key skills of personnel. According to the state social insurance system to establish a multi-level general requirements, and actively improve the insurance system and do the basic insurance, the vital interests of the maintenance staff.

        Regulate labor and employment management. To strengthen the first team-building and regulating the labor management, effective control of total employment, the rational allocation and use of labor resources, improve labor efficiency, the company developed a "front-line team to strengthen and standardize the management of views"and other policy documents./p>

⊙Our concept of talent

       Adhere to the talent is the capital, talent is the most valuable asset
       Adhere to the character first, equal competition, survival of the fittest, work-oriented, team first concept of talent!

⊙We need people

       High moral character, understand and comply with the basic professional standards;
       Have a higher cultural accomplishment and good professional quality;
       With the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement;
       General help each other with sharp, hard work talents。

⊙We provide our employees

        Adhere to the principle of fair and healthy competition for every position to provide excellent talent development platform;
        For each employee to offer competitive salaries and benefits, and improve opportunities for personal development and training,
        To work in challenging environments continue to progress and realize the maximum value;
        We do our best to do: people apply their bit, bit right of its people;
        Company not only through the pay and conditions, the company also wishes to adopt the cause of keeping sentiments.

⊙We divided into four categories of staff

          First class: P values ??not only recognized but also a sharp performance, this course is the best;
          II: power is very strong, can keep the performance, but not necessarily recognized by the corporate culture, Rui & P for such people to consider a different training strategy;
          The third category: it recognized the value of Rui Pu, but can not make performance come to a sharp focus on general training groups to enhance training;
          The fourth category: not recognized and not performance, of course, without reservation.

⊙And the pursuit of our goal

           The pursuit of each employee into sharp among the general optical long-term development, sincerely welcome interested in LED displays and LED semiconductor lighting lighting talents in the cause of.


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