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    Outdoor billboard season LED manufacturers benefit comes

    发表时间:2009-04-22  点击次数:3867  [打印]

    Outdoor billboard season comes, the LED industry points out, the weather warms up in the second quarter, outdoor billboard construction stage, the market demand will enter appeared from month to month, plus the Shanghai world expo will be in May of next year, mark in case will have in the second half of the release, the LED industry performance have the chance to gradually in temperature, outdoor billboard shipment positive light lei, the most benefit from Syria shi.

    Shanghai world expo will be in next year's, operator points out, Shanghai world expo release LED related business opportunities, including advertising billboards, wall lamp, street lamp etc standard case LED. Among them, the domestic manufacturers and the most positive action to light lei, already aimed at related business opportunities. According to the light lei, said the Shanghai world expo internal order potential business opportunities not small.


    Light lei points out, expected Shanghai world expo standard case will release in the second half. By YuGuangLei scored Beijing Olympic backdrop, outdoor billboard shows strength, in the mainland, open popularity with the outside world, help to light that has LED the Shanghai world expo lei standard case, also is expected to become a benefit from shares.


    The new century also says, the products with outdoor billboard mainly by the recession, influence is relatively minor, expected in the second quarter on outdoor billboard demand, revenue after cage is expected to raising temperature. In addition, guangzhou Asian games, shenzhen universiade also respectively in 2010 and 2011, LED his related business opportunities, will drive LED constantly, more than 10 billion RMB business needs.


    In addition, the LED street light into contract awarding stage. YuanDa securities said mainland LED street lamps, and the light is huge business opportunities in shenyang city, street lamp needs, that is up to 3.7 million light and estimate of the city level mainland light is as high as 66.6 million light outdoor lamps demand, it is not including secondary, tertiary, mainland business opportunities that city street giant.


    Mainland China guangdong take the lead in put out miles program, which in the dongguan, guangzhou, foshan, shenzhen, huizhou, ten cities implement LED street demonstration expansion project, set the street lamp highway mileage for as long as 1500 kilometers, the scale of about 100000 light, the estimated to create about 1 billion yuan LED street lamp needs.


    At present, the LED industry the main application 7 from mobile phones into. However, with lower cost and LED more and more wide application, and this year will be served by the laptop LED the growth of the industry, the locomotive, the next LED TV and pick up good lighting have.


    Crystal, the chairman of the board of LiBingJie points out, the LED lighting demand is 150 times of the mobile phone. Show lighting will be for a long time the growth of important industrial power. Legal person pointed out that, due to the cost of LED is still higher than traditional lighting, and so the LED street lamp will be in LED lighting applications, will DaTouZhen from government policy support LED street light started to take off.


    Advertise industry research institute estimates extension, this year's global LED street lamp permeability estimate of 1% and estimate the world will have 2 million light of the size of the market. Market CuGu, LED street lamp at business opportunities this year 20 billion yuan. YuanDa card points out, the LED street lamp of government public engineering, companies in Taiwan through agent or to with local standard case company cooperation way, get tickets.


    Has announced light with European, lang cross licensing, brightest Ming, success in the European patent license application, help light in lighting business opportunities war took the fort beaches, legal person to long-term outlook value. In fact, the high power LED packaging has penetrated the street lamp lighting market, and light in shandong province of dongying city economic development area, and has established a LED lights, and as LED lighting demonstration site.

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