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    Shenzhen citizen center project included in the first 6 building energy efficiency pilot

    发表时间:2009-06-09  点击次数:3756  [打印]

     Shenzhen government to rein in the problem of old buildings highly, issued the shenzhen both the energy saving renovation plan ", resident center six government investment projects included in the first building energy saving transformation pilot project.


    Taking the energy saving transformation contents venues


    The city government to the city the four National People's Congress standing committee meeting about 27 implement shenzhen special economic zone is building energy regulation law enforcement inspection report deliberation opinions report says, the city's existing more than 200 million square meters of both civil buildings do not accord with standard of building energy conservation, waste a lot of conventional energy each year. In the reform plan, will be in 36 reform of the universiade venues building energy efficiency, increase transformation content start the first building energy saving transformation pilot project, combined with the futian district villages comprehensive environment engineering complete not less than 40000 square meters of residential building energy saving transformation, and formulate energy-saving reform of financial capital support the activities of the incentive policy, promote both public building energy saving reconstruction work.


    Five of the energy saving system to implement


    The standing committee of the people's congress of the organization, the inspection found shenzhen special economic zone building energy conservation ordinance set up a system, including 16 of building energy saving special planning and implementation, power has 11 super norm is collected electricity surcharge system five of the system has not been implemented. At present, through the reform, the system is to carry out.


    In building energy efficiency label system, the shenzhen civil building energy efficiency label technical regulation is completed the first draft, "shenzhen city building energy efficiency label the measures for the administration of the draft completed. The above technical standards and specifications files will be in the near future for comments, and plan in the first half of 2009 was promulgated.


    The norm is collected in electricity power system, the city wall surcharge to fund has already put in 1.1 million yuan of building energy consumption in statistical work has been completed in about 18000 building in 2007 and the first half of the energy consumption of the statistical work. The urban construction bureau has completed 50 state organs of office building and building large-scale public building energy efficiency supervision of real-time monitoring equipment installation, complete the 360 building energy audit work. The city government is to speed up the building energy consumption audit, energy audit and monitoring the progress of the work for making electricity quota provides the technical support. The shenzhen civil building electricity the norm is collected electricity surcharge in the regulations on the administration of the plan was enacted in 2010.


    The urban management department is set to lead the shenzhen building roof greening implementation regulations on the management and in 2009 will be promulgated and implemented.


    Building energy saving special funds apply for establishment


    The municipal construction department in accordance with the "shenzhen special funds to the measures for the administration of energy conservation of the building shall apply for establishment development special funds, municipal finance will of energy saving development of the establishment of special funds to provide the green channel, preliminary sure the first capital of 30 million yuan.




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