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    The LED fluorescent lamp and common fluorescent lamp comparison

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    The advantages and characteristics of LED fluorescent lamp

    A, the common fluorescent lamp

    Fluorescent lamp structure and function: fluorescent lamp at each end a filament, tubes filled with traces of argon within and the thin mercury vapor lamp on the wall is phosphor coating, two filament of the gas between a conductive ultraviolet ray, make a soft light. The phosphor

    Fluorescent lamp working characteristics: tubes start up need a high voltage, normal light at the current is allowed only through, then tubes on both ends of the voltage is lower than the power supply voltage.

    Fluorescent tubes with the filament glass tube ends, coated with a layer of inner uniform thin phosphor, tube being pumped into the vacuum degree-4 10-3-10 millimeters of mercury, filling a few after inert gas, and also into the trace of liquid water on the silver. Ballast is a core inductance coil, the nature of the inductance coil is when the current changes in coil, then will cause the magnetic flux of variety, thus produce induction emf, its direction and current in opposite directions, thus the hindering current changes.

    QiHuiQi in a circuit switch function, it up by a NaiQi discharge tube and a capacitance parallel and become, the role of capacitance for elimination of power supply of electromagnetic interference and with ballast form oscillation loop circuits, start pulse voltage amplitude increase. Discharge tube a electrode with a metal composition, NaiPao discharge of heat, the dual metallic piece in the open and close, cause inductance ballasts current mutations and produce high pressure pulse added to the tube at both ends.

    When fluorescent lamp access circuit, QiHuiQi after two electrodes began to glow discharge between, make double metal expands when it is heated and static contact with a contact, and power supply, ballast, filament and QiHuiQi makes a close loop, current make filament preheating, when heating time 1-3 seconds later, QiHuiQi two between electrodes glow discharge, then put out optic-fiber cooling and static contact with a disconnect, when two electrodes disconnect moment, the current in the circuit suddenly disappeared, and produce a high pressure pulse ballast, it and the power source stacked and added it to the lamp, make both ends in the tube inert gas ionization and cause arc discharge, in normal light process, ballast self-induction is also plays the role of the current in the circuit stability.


    Second, the LED fluorescent lamp

    LED the is made of a fluorescent tubes, appearance with the traditional structure of fluorescent tubes is same, and the inside the sun is different, choose the semiconductor solid tube light devices-LED light emitting diode

    1, LED the characteristics of fluorescent lamp

    1), environmental protection lamps and lanterns, and protecting the earth traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, if broken mercury steam will evaporate into the atmosphere. But the LED fluorescent lamp is don't use mercury, and LED products also don't lead to the environment protection. The LED fluorescent lamp recognized for the 21 st century green lighting.

    2), efficient conversion, reduce heat traditional lamps and lanterns will produce large amounts of heat energy, and LED lamps and lanterns is all the electrical energy into light energy conversion, won't cause a waste of energy. And to a file, clothing to also won't produce fading.

    3), quiet and comfortable, there is no noise LED lamps and lanterns will not produce noise, to the use of the instrument for precision electronic occasion beautiful anthology. Suitable for library, the office of such occasion.

    4), the light is downy, protection of the traditional fluorescent lamp use eyes is alternating current, so every second will produce 100 to 120 times the bandwidth of flash. The LED lamps and lanterns is directly convert alternating current to direct current, won't produce flashing phenomenon, protect eyes.

    5), no ultraviolet ray, no mosquito LED lamps and lanterns will not produce ultraviolet light, so it won't like traditional lamps and lanterns that, there are many mosquito around in the light source. Indoor will become more clean sanitation clean and tidy.

    6), voltage can be adjusted 80 V-245 V traditional fluorescent lamp is through the rectifier of release of the high voltage to the light, when the voltage is not low light. And LED lamps and lanterns in a range of voltage within the light, still can adjust to brightness.

    7), save energy, longer life LED the power consumption is the traditional fluorescent lamp under a third of the fluorescent lamp, life is traditional fluorescent lamp of 10 times, can use for a long time without replacement, reduce labor cost. The more suitable for the occasion of hard to replace.

    8), the firm firm, use for a long time. LED lamp body itself is using epoxy resin and not the traditional glass, the more the firm firm, even if hit on the floor also won't easily damaged LED, can safely use.

    2, the company produced LED the energy-saving fluorecent tubes has the following features:

    1), USES imported light source, single LED up to 5.5 LM, special products, professional design, fully comply with national standards GB50034 general production (92) 100-200-lux Lux (Lux) requirements.

    2), this product USES the latest semiconductor electric light source technology, save electricity is as high as 80% above. (10 months to save electricity and related the maintenance and repair costs more than the purchase of the tube foot into).

    3) and comply with the factory points to the colour developing index strict rules on the various raw materials, components and the product itself color accurate appears, the product quality control, reduce the favorable the chance of error.

    4), provided by temperature control, never fever, the glass cover, completely the strong, without aging. The green environmental protection semiconductor electric light source, the light is downy, the spectrum pure, be helpful for workers and healthy eye protection. 6000 K of cold light to person visual sense of cool and refreshing feeling, plus and supervise the work of the intensity of illumination differences on the interval design, and it is helpful to concentrate, improve efficiency.

    5), the lamp life for ordinary lamp of 10 times above, is almost free maintenance, there are often should change fluorescent tubes, ballast, and the problem of the hui.

    6), voltage range: AC80V-127 V, 165 V-245 V; Without QiHuiQi and LED fluorescent lamp ballast and start fast, small, no flash power frequency, not easy to cause vision fatigue. Widely used in enterprise, enterprise, etc. Various kinds of water production line.

    Three, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, common LED, high power LED fluorescent lamp service life contrast

    2000 4000 6000 light source type hour 10000 50000

    Incandescent lamp life end life

    Fluorescent light failure 25% 50%

    Maintain rate 75%. 50% flux

    Ordinary phi 5 white LED light 30%, 40%, 50%, 70% decline

    Flux maintain 70%, 60%, 50%, 30% rate

    Four, LED lamp and the comparison of traditional lamps and lanterns

    Name working voltage power consumption adjustable control heat reliability using life

    35 W halogen lamp, AC 220 V shoulds not be extremely high low 2000 h

    20 W/m high pressure neon lights better high low 3000 h

    T8 36 W AC 220 V fluorescent light shoulds not be higher higher 5000 h

    Incandescent lamp 40 W AC 220 V shoulds not be low low 1000 h

    13 W AC 220 V energy-saving lamps unfavorable light high 5000 h higher

    LED for 8 ~ 25 W DC 12 ~ 36 V DuoZhong form good good acuity 100000 h

    Five, the LED fluorescent lamp and traditional fluorescent lamp of comparative analysis

    Project traditional fluorescent lamp LED fluorescent lamp

    Light distribution optimal performance is poor

    Electrical properties easily get an electric shock (high pressure) safe voltage 36 V

    Use short life (5000 Hrs) very long > 50000 Hrs

    Working voltage narrow range (plus or minus 7%) wide voltage 86 ~ 264 V

    Slow start very quickly

    Stroboscopic have (ac drives) no (dc drive)

    The low efficiency of light (< 60%) high (> 90%)

    Show color sex differences were not real good color as object > 80, be as Ra brightly colored objects, real, make the person feel more comfortable

    Light pollution is strong

    Seismic performance is poor, glass fragile excellent, no fragile pieces

    Environmental pollution mercury pollution elements such as no

    Appearance and will need a single protection design

    Poor performance to price ratio is high

    Comprehensive performance is poor excellent

    Six, LED fluorescent lamp and traditional fluorescent lamp comparison

    (in 500 light, for example)

    The lamp with traditional 40 W fluorescent lamp LED fluorescent lamp

    Commonly used exterior structure T8/120 mm and T8/60 mm T8/120 mm and T8/60 mm

    Traditional lighting installation QiHuiQi remove traditional lighting fixtures

    Single light actual total power consumption 20 W / 10 W W / 24 W 48

    Light shine, as before the utilization ratio of direct illuminate, basic no light loss, lamps and lanterns is no special requirements full aspects of light shine, and no loss bigger, lamps and lanterns is required a reflective surface

    Stroboscopic with alternating current change, no old lamp obvious, visual fatigue, a moving object trailing, double phenomenon.

    Service life 50000 hours (actual)

    100000 hours (most exclusive theory) about 10000 hours, generally for 3000 hours

    Color gentle show color sex commonly used white light is made up of different color, can the temperature, the colour developing index generally at 70 or more light color is white, show color sex general 70

    Intensity of illumination (2 metres) 110 lux (120 mm) 85 lux (120 mm)

    The daily 24 hours total power 240 degrees / 120 degrees (500 light) 576 degrees / 288 degrees (500 light)

    Consumes 87600 KWH / 43800 KWH power 210240 KWH / 105120 KWH

    Every year (0.8 yuan/degree electricity) 70080/35.04168192 billion / 84096

    Energy consumption than 1 2.4

    Cable laying cost about $19 / m about 96 yuan/m

    ChuZhuangFei with about 240000/140000 about 52000

    NianWeiXiu costs (cost) 0 10 * 500 = $5000

    When can save cost about 1.6119 million / 49100

    The third year can save cost about 4.8357 million / 14.73

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