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    Household LED lighting lamps and lanterns market development trend

    发表时间:2010-01-13  点击次数:3802  [打印]


    Review in recent years market of lamps and lanterns, household lighting lamps mainly concentrated in competition effect, modelling, process and the application of new technology and material changes; And the consumption demand of market of lamps and lanterns is in accordance with the above aspects presents a 9 big trend.


    A, function subdivision. People no longer satisfied with just the lamps and lanterns lighting function, it is suitable for various requirements of the use of lamps and lanterns arises at the historic moment. Students lamp, writing lamp, fluorescent lamp, sunlight, suggested to light, dinner lamp, floor lamp of new products such as different height the public.


    Second, modelling luxurious. High-grade office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants and other public facilities adornment lamps and lanterns is luxurious, high-grade. Vehemence generous high-grade droplight, lovely crystal desk lamp, YaYi real white lotus lamp, cold giuliano lamp, mirror, the light to the life of people added some interest.


    Three, advocating nature. To cater to people advocate natural piao guizhen, psychological, according to the survey, 30% of the natural lighting, the modelling design, such as plum flower wall lamp, table lamp, fishplate peach shape lamp, horse and all kinds of small animal model lamp, with various kinds of wooden art sculpture, a bit no less than the real handicraft. The select material of chimney paper, wood, widely used gauze outside, carved chang e, seven fairies, art and practical pattern such as combination.


    Four, colour is rich. Now lighting the market and colorful life synchronization, a "more than 7 colour" coat, maple leaf red, blue, yellow, natural coral green wait, aquatic plants, appear elegant color, warmth.


    Five, the combination to use. Lighting and everyday items will be combined daily is also popular fashion, such as ceiling fans lamp, round mirror lamp, flashlight yellow light, etc.


    Six, high technology. Because the technology is widely used in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns, adapt to different voltage, which can adjust the brightness of the third generation lighting lamps and lanterns rise more. No lighting, three wavelengths of chromatographic adjustable lamp, radiation far infrared light etc with red can protect vision also listed the lamps and lanterns of function, often go seven functional. Such as charged desk lamp, table lamp, and yet with a bedside lamp and be photosensitive phone control light, that same night, the lamp can indirectly phone call is completed, automatic light hang delay 50 seconds or so and can automatically put out. During the day, and pick up a phone call, not lit the lamp. This set DuoZhong function in one of the metal material lamps and lanterns, very accord with current consumption fashion.


    Eight, the energy conservation. Energy saving lamps and lanterns is very welcome by the consumer. Such as energy-saving lamps adopting three core longevity LED electricity, can choose according to need brightness. At the same time, the new energy-saving bulb also widely used a product technical mainstream lamps and lanterns.


    Nine, environmentally sound. Environmental protection is a brand new topic of production technologies of lamps and lanterns, to show that the attention of the living environment of the bedroom, officials say this is the future of home lighting the main development direction. Beijing a company produces the deodorization drive midge lamp, using a pure natural enzyme decomposition technique, not only can poison smelly keep indoor, toilet, kitchen air in the pure and fresh, and with full of appeal art form combined, become lamps and lanterns to be bestowed favor on newly. Family

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